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Humanities (HUM)

100 Mini-Civilizations

3 credit hours

Two hours lecture a week and one-hour discussion.

A survey of the major art forms and cultural epochs of the western world, exploring the idea that the arts reflect the work in which they are produced. The course ties together worldviews, philosophical schools, historical events, and major art forms, including painting, sculpture, architecture, and music in different eras. Included are the epochs of the Greeks, Romans, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Enlightenment, Romanticism, Early Industrial Era, and the modern world. The course includes an introduction to major art forms.

101 Humanities

1 credit hour

This course will revolve around selected overseas educational tours, which have been arranged through ACIS, an educational travel agency. Areas to be explored include (1) technological advances in foreign countries, (2) art history, (3) literature, and (4) education. Educational experiences include, but are not limited to, visitations and consultations with schools and/or universities, art museums and/or historic sites, as well as business enterprises utilizing technology. In addition, students will visit the birthplaces of noted authors and/or attend appropriate theater performances.

Prerequisite: Instructor consent required.

110 Interdisciplinary Leadership I

3 credit hours

Offered fall and spring semesters and summer session. Meets forty-five hours a semester. Meeting times vary. Please check the semester schedule. Fee: $175.00 (Non-refundable). Book Rental/Shirt Fee: $90.00.

This interdisciplinary course focuses on the development of leadership ability. Using classic films, literature, contemporary essays, and experiential activities, the course provides participants with a basic understanding of leadership and group dynamics theory, assists in identifying a personal leadership philosophy and style, creates an awareness of the moral and ethical responsibilities of leadership, and provides the opportunity to practice essential leadership skills. Readings are drawn from the works of classic writers as well as contemporary experts from the fields of business, human resources, political science, history, sociology, psychology, and the humanities.

210 Interdisciplinary Leadership II

3 credit hours

Offered fall and spring semesters. Meets forty-five hours a semester. Meeting times vary. Please check the semester schedule. Fee: $750.00 (Non-refundable).

This course will emphasize the application of Leadership skills learned in Leadership I and explore emerging issues in the field of Leadership. Additional discussions and experiential activities will include topics in creativity and risk taking, conflict resolution, cultural diversity, appropriate use of humor and changes in leadership context and its consequences. Analysis of contingency models and different leadership styles will also be included.

Prerequisite: Humanities 110 or consent of instructor.

298 Special Topics in Humanities

1-3 credit hours

Students enrolled in Humanities 298 will study special topics using an integrated approach of the humanities discipline such as language and culture, philosophy, religion, and/or arts. Students will apply the tools of humanities—reading texts, research, critical reasoning and analysis, to expand the breadth and depth of inquiry in a special topic. In addition to examinations, students will produce written, oral and/or visual projects. The course may be repeated for credit. Instructor consent is required to take the course.

Prerequisite: English 101 or consent of division chair.