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General Education Goals For Students

Allegany College of Maryland’s General Education Goals and Outcomes have been developed in conjunction with Allegany College of Maryland’s mission, vision, values and goals. Updated in 2013, these goals and outcomes are based on the Code of Maryland (COMAR) and on Middle States Characteristics of Excellence, Standard 12. All degree graduates of Allegany College of Maryland will be able to demonstrate proficiency at the time of graduation (or at other key points) in each of the following Goals and Outcomes:

  • Written and Oral Communication – Use reading, writing, speaking, and listening to communicate effectively.
  • Scientific and Quantitative Reasoning – Use fundamentals of scientific investigation and/or mathematical concepts to explain or to solve problems.
  • Critical Analysis and Reasoning – Analyze, synthesize, and evaluate data and text.
  • Technological Competency – Use discipline-specific technologies effectively.
  • Information Literacy – Locate, evaluate, and use information ethically and effectively.
  • Personal and Civic Responsibility – Explore and develop understanding for oneself and others, the community, and other cultures, and engage with issues of local, national, and global significance.
  • Arts and Humanities Inquiry – Explore and interpret expressions of human ideals, values, and creativity across cultures.