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Music (MUS)

112 Music Appreciation

3 credit hours

Offered fall and spring semesters. Three hours lecture and discussion a week.

Principal music forms and historical development. Intensive listening experiences with commentary. A foundation course for an understanding of the cultural contribution of music as an art form. The attending of concerts is planned as field experience.

250 Choir (Allegany College of Maryland Singers)

1 credit hour

Two hours lecture and discussion a week.

The course may be taken without credit at the discretion of the student and/or instructor. Performance on and off campus of a wide range of choral music and material, with instruction in music fundamentals.

May be repeated for up to 4 credit hours.

252 Music and Creative Interaction for the Elementary Teacher

3 credit hours

Offered spring semester. Three hours lecture, discussion, and demonstration a week.

Classroom use of music for children from pre-school through sixth grade. Emphasizes the elements and skills of music and provides the opportunity to develop and apply teaching strategies to the teaching of music through moving, singing, listening, playing, reading, creating and creative interaction. Designed for elementary and early childhood education major.

Students will need to complete the fingerprint and background clearance process and be issued the appropriate identification prior to being scheduled for a field experience or school-site assignment.