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Political Science (POSC)

101 American National Government

3 credit hours

Offered fall and spring semesters. Three hours lecture and discussion a week.

The structure and functions of American national government. The elements of the executive, legislative, and judicial processes, with emphasis upon the role of the voter. Particular attention to problems of civil liberties, responsible government, and efficient administration.

102 State and Local Governments

3 credit hours

Offered spring semester. Three hours lecture and discussion a week.

A study of American state and local governments, with special emphasis on the office of governor, the state legislatures, forms of city governments, state and local finance, voting and elections, and the judicial systems in the states.

205 Introduction to American Constitutional Law (Criminal Justice 205)

3 credit hours

Offered fall semester. Three hours lecture and discussion a week.

A topical study of the development of the U.S. Constitution through the interpretation by the Supreme Court. Subjects include judicial review, federalism, Congressional and Presidential authority, the First Amendment, criminal rights, due process, and equal protection of the law.

298 Special Topics in Political Science

3 credit hours

This course is designed to address a range of topics and emerging issues within the field of Political Science, beyond the scope of those Political Science courses already offered. The format of the courses offered will vary depending on the course content. This course is repeatable for up to 6 credits.

Prerequisite: Political Science 101 or consent of the instructor.

299 Independent Study

1-6 credit hours

This course includes study projects related to political science.

Prerequisite: Instructor consent required.