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Computer Science (Secure Computing and Information Systems) (Transfer)

James House Jr., Department Chair
Technology 226

If a student wishes to earn an associate's degree from Allegany College of Maryland and then transfer to a four-year college to earn a bachelor's degree in computer science, this program of study will provide an appropriate preparation for such transfer. It must be noted that different colleges may require different coursework. Students should work closely with their advisor and a staff member in the Advising Center to alter this program to meet the specific transfer requirements of the particular four-year institution. The Advising Center staff is also equipped to work with students to help them make a decision regarding the selection of the four-year institution.

Successful completion of this program qualifies a student to apply for an Associate of Science degree in Computer Science.

Required Computer Technology Courses

Computer Literacy
Computer Logic
Introduction to Cybersecurity
Security +
Digital Forensics
Cyber Law (Criminal Justice 216)
Computer Science Programming I
Computer Science Programming II
Security+ Certification Exam Review

Required General Courses

Art Appreciation or
Music Appreciation
English Composition I
Probability and Statistics
Calculus for Applications
Speech Communication

Required Elective Courses

Please consult with your advisor or the Advising Center staff for selecting appropriate elective courses for graduation.


Humanities Elective - 3 credits

Laboratory Science Electives - 8 credits

Social and Behavioral Science Electives - 6 credits



Computer Technology 101 (Computer Literacy) 3
Computer Technology 103 (Computer Logic) 4
Computer Technology 107 (Introduction to Cybersecurity 3
English 101 (English Composition I) 3
Mathematics 109 (Probability and Statistics) 3
Total: 16
Art 101 or Music 112  (Art Appreciation or Music Appreciation) 3
Computer Technology 201 (Security +) 3
Laboratory Science Elective 4
Mathematics 200 (Calculus for Applications) 3
Social and Behavioral Science Elective 3
Total: 16
Computer Technology 234 (Computer Science Programming I) 4
Humanities Elective 3
Laboratory Science Elective 4
Social and Behavioral Science Elective 3
Total: 14
Computer Technology 202 (Digital Forensics) 3
Computer Technology 216 (Cyber Law) 3
Computer Technology 238 (Computer Science Programming II) 4
Computer Technology 289 (Security + Certification Exam Review) 1
Speech 101 (Speech Communication) 3
Total: 14
Total Credit Hours: 60

*NOTE: With a student’s focus in computer science, many four-year institutions recommend specific electives and general education courses be taken to meet the requirements at that institution. Students are encouraged to work closely with their transfer advisor or transferring institution in order to meet these specific requirements.

NOTE: All courses specifically identified by course number are graduation requirements for this program.