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Psychology (AOC)

Dr. Stephen Gibson, Division Chair
Humanities 22

This transfer pattern is designed for students planning to transfer to a four-year degree program with a major in psychology. It is also intended to provide students an opportunity to attain the knowledge and skills necessary for potential employment in various agencies, institutions, and organizations, and to widen opportunities for advancement of currently employed students.

The general studies listed below must be coordinated with transfer requirements at the four-year institution in order to avoid errors in course selection. When the curriculum is selected for the potential career opportunities it offers, course selection must meet this particular need. In either case, the student must work very closely with the advisor to build a total program that meets his/her needs.

This program is designed to enable students to transfer to a four-year college or university. Check with your advisor and the Advising Center staff as soon as possible to ensure specific course transferability.

Successful completion of this program qualifies a student to apply for an Associate of Science degree in Arts and Sciences - Area of Concentration in Psychology.

Required Psychology Courses

General Psychology

Required General Courses

General Biology I
Computer Literacy
English Composition I
College Algebra or
Probability and Statistics
Introduction to Sociology
Speech Communication

Required Elective Courses

Please consult with your advisor or the Advising Center staff for selecting appropriate elective courses for graduation.


Electives - 9 credits

English Elective - 3 credits

History Elective - 3 credits

Humanities Elective - 3 credits

Laboratory Science Elective - 4 credits

Physical Activity Elective - 1 credit

Psychology Electives - 9 credits

Social and Behavioral Science Elective - 3 credits

Sociology Elective - 3 credits



Biological Science 101 (General Biology I) 4
Computer Technology 101 (Computer Literacy) 3
English 101 (English Composition I) 3
Psychology 101 (General Psychology) 3
Sociology 101 (Introduction to Sociology) 3
Total: 16
Elective 1 3
English Elective 1 3
Mathematics 102 or 109 (College Algebra or Probability and Statistics) 3
Psychology Elective 1, 2 3
Laboratory Science Elective 4
Total: 16
Elective 1 3
History Elective 1 3
Humanities Elective 1 3
Psychology Elective 1, 2 3
Speech 101 (Speech Communication) 3
Total: 15
Elective 1 3
Physical Activity 1
Psychology Elective 1, 2 3
Social and Behavioral Science Elective 1 3
Sociology Elective 1 3
Total: 13
Total Credit Hours: 60

Consult your advisor or Advising Center staff for appropriate courses.
Students need to complete three courses from these courses: Psychology 110, 199, 203, 205, and 207.

NOTE: All courses specifically identified by course number are graduation requirements for this program.