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Integrative Wellness (LOR)

Annette Clark, Program Director
Allied Health 239

The Letter of Recognition in Integrative Wellness introduces the student to an interdisciplinary, holistic (mind/body/spirit) and cross-cultural approach to self care and wellness. The Integrative model of wellness is supported by current research which demonstrates positive impact on workforce effectiveness and productivity, stress levels, and the ability to cope with chronic health issues.

Nine credits are required to complete the Letter of Recognition: 3 credits of Core Classes and 6 credits of Designated Electives. The Core Classes were chosen to provide students with an introduction to topics which reflect three aspects of integrative wellness: mind, body, and spirit. A wide variety of designated electives are offered to insure students can choose classes which meet their individual interests and needs.

Required Core Courses

Mind/Body Skills for Health and Healing
Spirituality and Healing Traditions
Choose from any physical activity course offered by the Physical Education department or Integrative Health 110, 126, or 127.

Required Designated Electives Courses

(choose a total of 6 credits from the following)

Fundamentals of Nutrition
Medicinal Botany
Introduction to Energy Healing
Energy Healing II
Tai Chi*
Introduction to Qigong
Integrative Approach to Health and Healing
Yoga for Wellness I (Physical Education 126)
Yoga for Wellness II (Physical Education 127)*
Introduction to Health Psychology (Psychology 230) or
Introduction to Health Psychology (Integrative Health 230)
Special Topics in Integrative Health
Introduction to Massage Therapy
Mind-Body Movement Stress Reduction Techniques

*A class will only count one time and the most current grade will be calculated in the grade point average toward the 9 total credit hour graduation requirement.


CORE CLASSES (required) Credit Hours
Integrative Health 101 (Mind/Body Skills for Health and Healing) 1
Integrative Health 112 (Spirituality and Healing Traditions) 1
Restricted Elective 1 1
Total: 3
DESIGNATED ELECTIVES (choose a total of 6 credits from the following)
Biological Science 114 (Fundamentals of Nutrition) 3
Biological Science 150 (Medicinal Botany) 3
Integrative Health 106 (Introduction to Energy Healing) 1
Integrative Health 107 (Energy Healing II) 1
Integrative Health 110 (Tai Chi) 1
Integrative Health 111 (Introduction to Qigong) 2
Integrative Health 114 (Integrative Approaches to Health & Healing) 2
Integrative Health 126 (Yoga for Wellness I) 1
Integrative Health 127 (Yoga for Wellness II) 1
Integrative Health 230/Psychology 230 (Introduction to Health Psychology) 3
Integrative Health 298 (Special Topics in Integrative Health) 1-4
Massage Therapy 101 (Introduction to Massage Therapy) 2
Physical Education 155 (Mind-Body Movement Stress Reduction Techniques) 1
Total: 6
Total Credit Hours: 9

Students may choose from any physical activity course offered by the Physical Education department or Integrative Health 110, 126, or 127.

NOTE: All courses specifically identified by course number are graduation requirements for this program.