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Social Work (AOC)

Annette Clark, Program Director
Allied Health 240

This transfer pattern is designed for students interested in social work and intending to transfer to a four- year degree program with a major in social work. Students should note that all schools of social work have a specialized, competitive admissions process; therefore, completion of this recommended sequence does not guarantee admission to a four-year program. It is essential that students consult the catalog of the school where they plan to apply and then work closely with their academic advisor at Allegany College of Maryland to select the appropriate courses.

Successful completion of this program qualifies a student to apply for an Associate of Science degree in Arts and Sciences - Area of Concentration in Social Work.

SPECIAL NOTE: Students interested in a career in Social Work should also consider the Human Service Associate Program. Allegany College of Maryland's Human Service Associate curriculum is a career program, which provides "hands-on" training in the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for employment in the social work field. This training may also strengthen the student's application to a four-year social work program. The Human Service Associate program is especially appropriate for the social work transfer student who needs or prefers to work since the three required internships often lead to employment in the helping fields. Students interested in transfer to a four-year program in social work should consult with their advisor regarding appropriate course selection.

Required Sociology Courses

Introduction to Sociology
Interdisciplinary Studies In Human Society or Sociology Elective
Social Problems
Introduction to Social Work

Required General Courses

Art Appreciation or
Music Appreciation
Human Biology
Computer Literacy
English Composition I
English Composition II or
Introduction to Literature or
Business and Technical Communication
United States History II
Probability and Statistics
American National Government
General Psychology
Speech Communication

Required Elective Courses

Please consult with your advisor or the Advising Center staff for selecting appropriate elective courses for graduation.


Electives - 6 credits

Laboratory Science Elective - 4 credits

Physical Education or Integrative Health Elective - 2 credits

Philosophy Elective - 3 credits

Social and Behavioral Science Elective - 3 credits



English 101 (English Composition I) 3
Philosophy Elective 3
Psychology 101 (General Psychology) 3
Sociology 101 (Introduction to Sociology) 3
Speech 101 (Speech Communication) 3
Total: 15
Art 101 (Art Appreciation) or Music 112 (Music Appreciation) 3
English 102, 103, or 112 (English Composition II, English Literature, or Business and Technical Writing) 3
Mathematics 109 (Probability and Statistics) 3
Political Science 101 (American National Government) 3
Social and Behavioral Science Elective 3
Total: 15
Elective 1, 2 3
Integrative Health or Physical Education Electives 3 2
Laboratory Science Elective 4 4
Sociology 104 (Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Society) or Sociology Elective 3
Sociology 203 (Social Problems) 3
Total: 15
Biological Science 116 (Human Biology) 3
Computer Technology 101 (Computer Literacy) 3
Elective 1, 2 3
History 104 (United States History II) 3
Sociology 250 (Introduction to Social Work) 3
Total: 15
Total Credit Hours: 60

Consult your advisor or Advising Center staff for appropriate courses.
Recommended electives: Humanities 110, Integrative Health Courses, Psychology or Sociology classes in area of interest.
Recommended electives: Integrative Health 114 or Physical Education 145.
Recommended: Biological Science 100 or Biological Science 101.

'NOTE: All courses specifically identified by course number are graduation requirements for this program.